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  • Generative fill

    Testing out the new ‘Generative fill’ in the Photoshop Beta I have got to say is pretty impressive.  I took some Photoshop landscape illustrations I created that are a few years old. Which were created as vertical format illustrations. This one was commissioned for a T-Shirt design. I mirrored the artwork over to the right…

  • Sketchbook, doodles and ideas.

    Sketchbook, doodles and ideas.

    The first port of call is always my beloved sketchbook, to create a few colourful doodles before i start a fully fledged artwork. Because of this process head is much clearer about what I’m going to do next in Photoshop. I often try to start to develop my artwork ideas before I open a 2D or…

  • Record cover designs

    Over the last year, I’ve collaborated with record label Bigo & Twigetti and completed a number of record cover illustrations, which also included Spotify canvas background, animations.  The brief stipulated minimal visuals, designed to enhance the essence of each piano composition. So i set about creating artwork that would serve as a delicate counterpart to…

  • Site Redesign

    Site Redesign

    Finally finished my site design late last week. Over all looks much cleaner with a better shop page. Plus more visually dynamic and varied page layouts. I hope you enjoy the large panoramic colourful landscape on the front page. I have changed the Covers section to showcase some of the record covers i have finished…

  • Animation Showreel

    Animation Showreel

    Motion Design showreel 2023 I am delighted to present my 2023 motion design & animation showreel. Link

  • Blender Market Pattern Generator

    Over the last few weeks I have been creating my own procedural pattern generator. Available on Blender Market. So far I have created 3 generator packs to download, with more coming soon.  Blendermarket