Category: illustration

  • Animation Showreel

    Animation Showreel

    Motion Design showreel 2023 I am delighted to present my 2023 motion design & animation showreel. Link

  • Blender Market Pattern Generator

    Over the last few weeks I have been creating my own procedural pattern generator. Available on Blender Market. So far I have created 3 generator packs to download, with more coming soon.  Blendermarket

  • New Landscapes

    New Landscapes

    Here are my two latest limited edition screen prints.Called Dreamcloud and Sky Bloom.They illustrate a multi-layered seascape with interweaving water ripples dynamically interacting with a surreal imaginary landscape. Subtle mark-making edges hillsides into cloud patterns creating endless virtual landscapes. Offset with a dramatic skyline.Shop

  • Playing around with AI tool from Runway called ‘infinite image’

    Playing around with more AI tools. This one from Runway called ‘infinite image’ Took a long time yesterday afternoon to create this from an existing Cover illustration I created of a tree floating on some clouds. I then used the ai to expand the landscape into space! Which i then animated the zoom effect in…

  • Ebsynth AI Style transfer animations

    I have been working on creating AI animation using frames taken from videos of flowers. The original Keyframe I create in Photoshop, using a digital paintbrush effect. Then experimenting with EbSynth style transfer to convert them into digitally illustrated animations. The original keyframe I illustrate acts as a reference for the rest of the animation’s…

  • Aurora Borealis by Chris Keegan.

    Aurora Borealis by Chris Keegan.

    I’ve been learning volumetric animation in Blender EEVEE, so what better natural phenomena to use than the Aurora Borealis? I began by generating short renders of the Auroras’ ethereal magnificence. Then edited them together, i think it work out better than i expected. It is accompanied by a track from the wonderful and talented SIEGE.…