About me

About me
In the city of London, you’ll find Chris Keegan who started his artistic journey began at Chelsea, then Camberwell College of Art. Since graduating, Chris has left his creative footprint across the pages of publications like the Financial Times, Time magazine, the Observer, The Guardian, Time Out, GQ Australia, Mac User, and Design Week Magazine. Beyond the realm of editorial print, Chris has collaborated with music, design and ad agencies, leaving his mark on projects for EMI Records, Mother London, Big & Twigetti, and Momentum Design. At a later date, Chris expanded his repertoire to include the crafts of printmaking and animation.


Email : info@chriskeegan.co.uk
Phone: 07900 53 1481
Useful Links: linktr.ee/chriskeegan
Blender Market: Chriskeegan
Instagram: mrchriskeegan
Dribble: dribbble.com/ChrisKeegan

Promotional Book

Want to take a closer look at my illustration work?

Drop me an email with your work address free of charge and i will send over a 28 page mini promo brochure of my latest and greatest work. Contact: info@chriskeegan.co.uk

Showreel 2023

I am delighted to present my 2023 motion design & animation show reel.
Recently I have been really ramping up my animation skills, which i hope you can see in the show reel. This entailed a lot of practice on Blender and Touchdesigner

Examples of my work

Blender Pattern Generator

Some blogs focus more on fashion advice, featuring how-to articles for the lay reader.

Some blogs focus more on fashion advice, featuring how-to articles for the lay reader. Articles discuss clothing fit, the matching and complementing of colors, and other information on clothes wearing and care along with prescriptive advice.

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