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Illustration promotional Booklet

One of the most consistent forms of promotion of my illustration work over the years has been producing a small illustration booklet that I send around to different companies and creative agencies. Each year I select my favourite illustrations from the previous 12 months. They are a mixture of commissioned pieces plus my favourite personal work. I also include some of the artwork I create annually for my limited edition printmaking which I create digitally first on Photoshop and then print out by hand.

Tracking the Evolution
It’s fascinating to review the previous yearly booklets to see how my work subtly changes incrementally. The 2006 one is mainly editorial illustrations with a bias toward figurative solutions, with less variety of styles. My new work has a more rounded technical structure, with colour and variety of styles moving into abstract art, science fiction and surreal landscapes.

Reflecting on the Past
The 2006 booklet from 18 years ago, features illustrations about being screwed for rent, the problems with junk food, information overload and Wars in Africa creating famine. Sad to see how history keeps repeating itself. This draws my imagination over to how it would create a fresh take on these subject matters, if I were to be commissioned for editorial again. But I have largely stopped doing editorial work do to it becoming increasingly time consuming to promote myself and win illustration jobs in a shrinking market with an ever increasing pool of very talented illustrators from around the world competing for the same work.

How to Get Your Copy

My 2024 illustration booklet is out now, I will be sending it to various creative agencies. It’s a 30 page full colour book, if anybody wants one, do let me know. I can pop some in the post to anyone interested. I have a few 2006-2009 copies left if anyone wants me to include an older one, to see my progression over the years.  I’d be happy to send some your way.