Here is a collection of animation projects I have been creating using Blender 3D and TouchDesigner. If you have any inquiries about commissions or musicians want to do any collaborations please get in touch.
Don’t forget to check my show reel:

Vertical Landscapes

Adding subtle effects using Blender to create panning movement and snow style details

Cosmic nebula

Nana by Malibu (Julianna Barwick Remix)

Each of these shots took many hours to render individually. It was a steep learning curve to figure out how to create a number of colourful nebula cloud formations that grow, morph and animate in different ways.  
The music is a remix by the amazing Julianna Barwick. Go check out her music

Aurora Borealis

Music by SSIEGE Track called: Delete Instagram

I’ve been learning volumetric animation in Blender EEVEE, so what better natural phenomena to use than the Aurora Borealis? I began by generating short renders of the Auroras’ ethereal magnificence.
Then edited them together, i think it work out better than i expected. It is accompanied by a track from the wonderful and talented SIEGE.


A collection of procedurally generated science fictional volumetric animations. Depicting unknown gigantic gas balls spinning out of control in deep space.
Some I imagine to be super large, others to be infinitely small.

Music: Lewis Fautzi – The Brain Revolution.

Circle VI (Heresy)

Pact infernal

Created during the last few weeks of 2020 lockdown in November and into December I had enough spare time to create a short animation to some wondrously dark and atmospheric music by Pact Infernal. The brief I set myself was to animate as much of the different elements of the music into direct visual effects. So that the Snares and kick sounds would themselves be creating the haunting magical lights and sparks across the forest. At some point I would love to take this sort of animation into virtual reality. Being surrounded by this type of sound and image would be fascinating to create and then experience.

Track: Circle VI (Heresy) By: Pact infernal

Deep Into Your Subconscious I Slide

Future sound of London

Sound driven animation test. Baking sound frequencies to colour sliders and node generated textures. Working through this animation test using the new Blender Eevee rendering which is so fast i rendered it in 4k.