Here is a collection of animation projects I have been creating using Blender 3D. With a number of the projects below, i have been experimenting with using sound and music files to trigger particle and procedural animations. It’s really inspiring imagining ways of visualising music and has given my illustration work a whole new lease of life. If you have any inquiries about commissions or musicians want to do any collaborations please get in touch. 

A collection of procedurally generated science fictional volumetric animations.
Depicting unknown gigantic gas balls spinning out of control in deep space.
Some i imagine to be super large, others to be infinitely small. Music: Lewis Fautzi – The Brain Revolution.

Here is a compilation of kaleidoscope animated loops I created over the last few weeks using Blender. It is accompanied with music by the amazing and very prolific  Aleksi Perälä. Seriously check his music back catalogue out, its very extensive. He must be one of the most productive electronic musicians out there. 
Music by Aleksi Perälä  Called: FI3AC2154050

Each of these shots took many hours to render individually. All are rendered in 12 fps and low sample rate to make it possible to produce a few short minutes of footage. It was a steep learning curve to figure out how to create a number of colourful nebula cloud formations that grow, morph and animate in different ways. 
The music is a remix by the amazing Julianna Barwick. Go check out her music!
Called: Nana (Like a star for me) by Malibu (Julianna Barwick Remix)