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New Screenprint editions

Silver Mountain and Valley of Gold

In the last two months i have taken the time to create two large than normal screen-prints. These are metallic and Black Two colour screen prints. The lines create an overlapping positive and negative landscape interweaving and overlapping metallic and black inked mark making. The Metallic under-layer enhances the interplay between the landscape and dynamic shafts of light interweaving in and out of the trees and shadows.

Hope you like them

Limited edition of 40.  It’s 56x 56 cm.
Artwork printed on Southbank smooth 250 gsm.


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Daisy Field screen print

Finally back printing. It’s called Daisy Field. Four colours finished off with a nice metallic Golden layer. Hope you like it. 
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Daisy Field is a Four colour hand-pulled screenprint. Combining Sky Blue, Two Greens and a stunning Gold metallic ink to highlight and finish off the centre of the flower. The Bellis perennis is a very common flower seen in and around English country fields and beautifully carpeting garden lawns every year.
Limited edition of 50.  Its 25x 56 cm.
Artwork printed on Southbank smooth 250 gsm.

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Pact infernal – Circle VI (Heresy) (Animation By Chris Keegan)

Created during the last few weeks of 2020 lockdown from November and into December I had enough spare time to create a short animation to some wondrously dark and atmospheric music by Pact Infernal. The brief I set myself was to animate as much of the different elements of the music into direct visual effects. So that the Snares and kick sounds would themselves be creating the haunting magical lights and sparks across the forest.

At some point I would love to take this sort of animation into virtual reality. Being surrounded by this type of sound and image would be fascinating to create and then experience.

Let me know what you think?

Track: Circle VI (Heresy)

By: Pact infernal

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Digital Flowers

Dark Flower illustration

The wavy image below was used to create all the flower illustrations above using a piece of software called Blender. The images above were created by taking the wave image into Affinity Photo and then using a mirror filter to create symmetrical floral shapes. Then finished off in Photoshop. You can see more on the Digital Flowers section on my site.

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Nebula experiment

Over Christmas i experimented with creating nebulas in Blender using procedural generated volumetric node systems. This above image took 4 hours to render. Which i then put into photoshop to finish off and add more colours, stars and depth to. With a VERY powerful computer i can imagine that i could do a hell of a lot more with this style of image making. Animating something like this would take years to render.