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This short test animates a track by Klimek called “For Steven Spielberg & Azza El-Hassan”
The ‘negative’ space or silences in this piece are really fun to animate, i think the minimal white fits the music. Soon i will get in contact with a few musicians to do a collaborative project or two. If any musicians/labels are interested do get in contact.

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Black Cloud

This is my latest animation using a tune called Black Cloud by Yuka. Its short but took along time to render using the networked Blender render farm: which helped a lot.
I’m having no end of fun visualising electronic music in a synesthesia imagined style.

The track is available here:

More of my work here:

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Colourwave – Sound visualisation

A short sound triggered test animation in Blender I created over the Xmas holidays using a Clams Casino tune called ‘Say Your Prayers’ from his free download Instrumentals 4 mixtape. Adding some Synesthesia visualisation styles to a Clams Casino tune worked out really well.

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Created and rendered this over a period of three days. I will continue to develop this female figure floating in water into a screen printing project in the next few weeks. Maybe using a Gold printed background for the water.

More of my test animation work here: