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Geometric Face

New print out called Singularity​

New limited edition screen print out called “Waterfall”

Digital flowers
New portraits - Purple Headphones
New abstract spikes

Animated giff

New Prints

Blue Gem
This multi coloured Gemstone is hand printed in Two tones of Blue and metallic Silver ink

This screen print depicts the moment of the universe inception in three colours. Two shades of Blue ink finished off with a dynamic metallic Gold layer depicting the fist moment of creation.

Waterfall This three colour screen print depicts a beautiful cascading waterfall scene in Two layers of Blue. Finished off with a metallic Bronze ink to add an extra dynamic to the bubbles of water as they splash about.


This is a limited edition Bronze Snake screen print. Hand printed in Three colours, Black, Blue and Metallic Bronze acrylic ink..


This handmade screen print depicts a spiked sphere shape in five colours including fluorescent Yellow, metallic Gold and Red ink. The Gold ink layer gives the print an extra brilliance and shine showing off the multi layered liquid patterns on the surface of the object.

This handmade screen print depicts a geometric planetary sphere shape in three colours of fluorescent Yellow, metallic Silver and Red ink.

This handmade screen print depicts a geometric cube in three shades of Green.

Seascape This seven colour handmade screen print depicts an atmospheric coastal seascape. The multiple Green layers of ink create a striking deep horizontal landscape highlighting the vibrant reflections of the Blue skyline on the sea water.


Vantage Point


Silver Sunset

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