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Test skull animation.

Wire animation i did as a test to see how i could create an animation in a few days on a low resolution. Really pleased with the result, i’m learning quite quickly when i have the time.  I hope that you can see that it is a skull made up of lines with a very tight depth of focus.

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Abstract work

New Geometric and abstract tests

Trying out a few new minimal images using Blender to create geometric shapes and moody image

These were created using image textures wrapped around spheres, rendering them then adding geometric spirals and shell like shape into them in Photoshop. Also i played around with very tight depth of focus on some of them to add extra space and colour tonal changes. Mixing painted texture layers with geometric shapes is something i will continue with. In the future i think i will add an abstract page into my site.

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Illustration Book 2017

Illustration Book 2017


My new illustration booklet for 2017 is now available. If you are an art buyer or inquisitive creative director wanting to see more of my work please don’t hesitate to get in touch i can send over a 32 page book showcasing my favourite and latest illustration work. This year i have added some Gemstone illustrations which i created using an open source programme called Blender. Plus some new landscapes and wall graphics. Contact me on my email and i will pop one in the post.

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Site update

Site looking finished...

Been working on a new site with added payment system. Its finally after two weeks looking pretty finished. The illustrations are looking bigger bolder with a few extra projects added such as Wall graphics and Gemstones which i will talk about in later posts.

Let me know if you find any broken links

In the meantime here is a picture of a lady with water ripples all over herself.