Fragments and Light trails

I have been animating light trails at night for the last couple of months in my spare time.
Quick Eevee rendering has enabled me to make changes so much quicker than before, its really helped no end.
Music: Fragments by Kiyoko


Here is a collection of animation projects I have been creating using Blender 3D. With a number of the projects below, i have been experimenting with using sound and music files to trigger particle and procedural animations. It’s really inspiring imagining ways of visualising music and has given my illustration work a whole new lease of life. If you have any inquiries about commissions or musicians want to do any collaborations please get in touch. 

Each of these shots took many hours to render individually. All are rendered in 12 fps and low sample rate to make it possible to produce a few short minutes of footage. It was a steep learning curve to figure out how to create a number of colourful nebula cloud formations that grow, morph and animate in different ways. 
The music is a remix by the amazing Julianna Barwick. Go check out her music!
Called: Nana (Like a star for me) by Malibu (Julianna Barwick Remix)

Created during the last few weeks of 2020 lockdown from November and into December I had enough spare time to create a short animation to some wondrously dark and atmospheric music by Pact Infernal. The brief I set myself was to animate as much of the different elements of the music into direct visual effects. So that the Snares and kick sounds would themselves be creating the haunting magical lights and sparks across the forest.

At some point I would love to take this sort of animation into virtual reality. Being surrounded by this type of sound and image would be fascinating to create and then experience.

Here is a second set of Synesthesia style sound driven music animations. With each one i try to animate the music by taking the bass and high sounds directly from the music to create size and movement changes in the visuals.I am really planning on creating more ambitious animations in the future…stay tuned.
From the same Hill By Brian Eno
Dream Seq 2 By Future Sound of London
Slac By F.U.S.E
Anemone By Marsen Jules
Kut-Off By Skream

I have been animating light trails at night for the last couple of months in my spare time.
Quick Eevee rendering has enabled me to make changes so much quicker than before, its really helped no end.
Music: Fragments by Kiyoko

Two texture node generation animation using Blender Eevee in 2K.
Scale Two Music: Three by Linkwood

Scale One Music: The Story of Keys and Locks by Bee Mask


Practicing baking particles and force fields to music sound waves. Also testing out the new Eevee render engine in Blender.
It’s really fast. I did this in 2K in lightning speed.

Music by Anémone By Marsen Jules

Playing around with rendering chromatic aberration effects in close up using transparent glass spheres and a few material effects in Blender. Lots of quick editing in this one. Edited using HITFILM express.

Track: Glisten by WEN


Experimenting in sound visualisation of music in Blender 3D.
It took two days to render about one minute of animation. I think I need a new computer.

Music: Nebula by Skeptical

Short animation tests

Montage of some Blender animation tests. 
Music: Snow Ghosts by DeepWoods.


This short test animates a track by Klimek called “For Steven Spielberg & Azza El-Hassan”
The ‘negative’ space or silences in this piece are really fun to animate, i think the minimal white fits the music. 
Soon i will get in contact with a few musicians to do a collaborative project or two. If any musicians/labels are interested do get in contact.

Black Cloud by Yuka

This is my latest animation using a tune called Black Cloud by Yuka.Its short but took a long time to render using the networked Blender render farm: which helped a lot.
I’m having no end of fun visualising electronic music in a synesthesia imagined style.

The track is available here:

Colourwave (Sound visualisation test) Clams Casino

A short test sound triggered animation in Blender i created over the Xmas holidays using a Clams Casino tune called ‘Say Your Prayers’ from his free download Instrumentals 4 mixtape. Adding some Synesthesia visualisation styles to a Clams Casino tune worked out really well.

Synesthesia style music visualisations. (Experimental mix)

A collection of short synesthesia style music visualisations. Really making a lot of progress slowly learning different modifiers in Blender. Figuring out what sounds should look like and how to visualise musical instruments is fascinating and very inspiring.
If any musicians are interested in a collaboration get in touch. 

Music credits in order:
1.Zero Gravity – Monolake
2.Zero Gravity – Monolake
3.Breakage – Revelation
4.Detektiv plok – Brothomstates
5. Altered States – Ghost Warrior

Yellow Mass

Yellow mass Short animation test using 125,000 particles with no textures so i can do ‘quick’ over night renders.
Baking the sound to trigger the change in scale of the particle size and movements.

Music Petroglyphs by Eshone


This is a quick loop in Blender to learn ‘Bake to Fcurve’ taking the sound to create scale and movement in the animation. Music by Sabre called A Wandering Journal


Short Sound bake animation using Vicodin by Instra:mental.


Two day water render project.