Here is a collection of animation projects I have been creating using Blender3D. With a number of the projects below, i have been experimenting with using sound and music files to trigger particle and procedural animations. Its really inspiring imagining ways of visualising music and has given my illustration work a whole new lease of life. If you have any inquiries about commissions or musicians want to do any collaborations please get in touch. More work coming soon.

Yellow Mass

Yellow mass Short animation test using 125,000 particles with no textures so i can do ‘quick’ over night renders.
Baking the sound to trigger the change in scale of the particle size and movements.

Music Petroglyphs by Eshone


This is a quick loop in Blender to learn ‘Bake to Fcurve’ taking the sound to create scale and movement in the animation. Music by Sabre called A Wandering Journal


Short Sound bake animation using Vicodin by Instra:mental.


Two day water render project.