Black Cloud

This is my latest animation using a tune called Black Cloud by Yuka. Its short but took along time to render using the networked Blender render farm: which helped a lot.
I’m having no end of fun visualising electronic music in a synesthesia imagined style.

The track is available here:

More of my work here:

Kaleidoscopic Cityscape

A few Kaleidoscopic Cityscape tests. Taking existing land and cityscape artwork and then playing around with mirror effects in ‘Affinity Photo’ image editing software works really well I’m not sure whether to put these onto a section of my portfolio. So maybe just a quick blog post to see what people think of them. The second image of the cross is very striking, im not sure who would commission something like that.

Colourwave – Sound visualisation

A short sound triggered test animation in Blender I created over the Xmas holidays using a Clams Casino tune called ‘Say Your Prayers’ from his free download Instrumentals 4 mixtape. Adding some Synesthesia visualisation styles to a Clams Casino tune worked out really well.

Red Sky At Night

This print creates an alternative cityscape floating in the clouds of the London mist. In amongst the textures and lines of the print, you will find gritty urban imagery such as road signs and cameras mixed with the well-known landmarks of London Town. Hand printed in four colours using a background colour blend illustrating the forever changing sunsets of London. Limited edition of 50. Its 56 x 40 cm.

More details about buying it are: Here

Fishing Boat Bobbing Sea

My inspiration for this work is a line taken from a famous Dylan Thomas play called Under Milk Wood. The story follows a day in the lives of a group of Welsh characters who inhabit the fictional town of Llareggub. The line ‘Fishing Boat Bobbing Sea’ is a form of onomatopoeia meaning a word or sentence that sounds just like what it describes. The four simple words placed next to each other have an amazing visual poetry to them that is almost impossible to forget once you have read them. It also is the perfect line to translate into a poster illustration. On sale Here

Swimmer limited edition screen print

This is a hand printed in Five colours. Starting with a vibrant Blue tinted Metallic Silver ink, then with Three tones of Blue and finished off with Orange.
The joy of creating this print was illustrating the impressionistic curves and ripples of the water created by a swimmer gliding through a Blue ocean of Sliver waves.
Limited edition of 50. Its 56 x 40 cm. Available at my shop page here


Created and rendered this over a period of three days. I will continue to develop this female figure floating in water into a screen printing project in the next few weeks. Maybe using a Gold printed background for the water.

More of my test animation work here:

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