Above is a showcase of my latest crypt art and NFT animated loops on the  Objkt gallery space. Check them out.

My first NFT artwork of the year, on sale on  Procedurally generated Microcosm of a large gas planet. It is interesting how when you start out to create something small, something large can emerge instead. 

Get bidding here:

Here is a mixture of procedurally generated abstract loops to volumetric cosmic science-fiction style pieces. All were created using Blender 3D and rendered to create unique limited edition works of art. They have been made at a resolution of 2000 x 2000 pixels to enable them to be shown on a large high definition screen. 
To the left is my onCyber gallery showcasing my NFT art plus scroll below to see galleries from different crypto art galleries online.

Do click on the links below to see the full animations.


These are my latest animated loops available to collect. Click on the links to see the full animations in full 2k res.