Aurora Borealis

Animated Northern Lights

I’ve been learning volumetric animation in Blender EEVEE, so what better natural phenomenon to use than the Aurora Borealis? I began by generating short renders of the Auroras’ ethereal magnificence. Then edited them together, and I think it work out better than I expected. Have a look

Blender Pattern Generators

Create your own animations in minutes.

Procedural patterns designed to be fully scalable and animated. On Sale at Blender Market.


Limited edition screen print

This handmade screen print depicts a Dragonfly inset with a set of geometric shapes in Six colours including Metallic Gold ink. The artwork was created using procedurally generated patterns that overlap creating complex layered geometric shapes.
The Metallic ink layer gives the print an extra brilliance and shines showing off the multi-layered liquid patterns on the surface.